Performance Exhausts

Tri-flow Or Reverse Flow Design
These are the most commonly used design in both Original Equipment and Aftermarket products. These designs will deliver 12 to 15 dB attenuation (silencing effect) depending on flow tube diameter & the size of the muffler body. Those designs that incorporate glass fibre around the flow tubes will deliver a more mellow & deeper note.

Glass Pack Design
Should not be considered as "just performance" mufflers. For years the glass packed muffler was the original equipment design used on many European vehicles. This design is making somewhat of a comeback in Australia and is presently being used as Original Equipment on some of the locally manufactured vehicles today.

Centre Expansion Design
Works on the same principle as the "straight through" design with the addition of an empty chamber in the middle of the muffler which acts as a Helmholtz tuner attacking low frequency noise waves. Will deliver 10 to 15 dB noise attenuation. Does not flow as well as the straight through design due to the turbulence created by the expansion chamber. Also comes in a "baffled" version where a baffle plate is situated in the centre chamber to further deflect noise waves. The baffled version is usually 3-5 dB quieter but has a more restrictive flow.

Straight Through Design

This design delivers the best performance of all the Glass Packs. Usually manufactured using a mandrel bent perforated tube the flow of exhaust gas is virtually unrestricted. They are exceptionally quiet for their design delivering 10 to 20 dB noise attenuation. The larger the muffler the quieter the resultant noise level the density of the glass is also a factor as to how well this type of muffler performs.

Straight Through Glass Pack Muffler

It will supply a deep note due to its ability to absorb high frequency noise.

Our range of performance exhaust systems include Lukey and Manta. We also can supply headers such as Genie Pacemaker Lukey and HM Headers. For the best advice on which system to fit to your vehicle be it anything from a high performance street rod to mums shopping trolley talk to our professional team.

With more than 20 years experience in the automotive industry owner and designer Kevin Hoverd knows the importance of getting a motor vehicle's engine to breathe efficiently in order to provide maximum performance and economy.

Commodore SS Induction

Realizing that most people prefer their vehicles to retain that factory look SS Inductions have designed and produced a wide range of after market cold air induction systems that look every part like an original engine component.

SS Inductions systems are manufactured to the highest standard using the same high quality plastics as found in other under-bonnet parts.

Plastic unlike the more widely used fiberglass tolerates the high heat generated within the engine bay and ensures inner smoothness for an accelerated airflow.