invented in Adelaide by Gary Retallick and tested by Internationally renowned Vehicle Accident Researchers. Graham Lawrence of Transport Research Laboratories in Europe refers to Smartbar as “a great leap forward in vehicle front crash safety”. He added “It shows that Australia is capable of good lateral thinking to overcome the problems associated with the metal bullbar.”

Smartbars are also available in a range of colours.

Some examples of the Smartbar

Testing and Safety

Exhaustive testing shows that SmartBar acts as both an injury-prevention cushioning device in busy pedestrian areas as well as protecting essential engine components from high-speed high energy animal impacts without impairing essential airbag operation.

Pedestrian and Occupant Safety

SmartBar offers outstanding performance and safety levels to both occupant and pedestrian currently not available from any other manufacturer in the World.

Tests by NHMRC Road Accident Research Unit for HIC(Head Impact Criteria) which measures the head trauma and accident survival probability at certain speeds confirm that SmartBar outperforms all other Frontal Vehicla Protection Systems available.

SmartBar is tested to the Australian standard AS4876.1. These tests demonstrate the shock absorbing ability and superb damage control of the SmartBar design.

High Impact Safety

The unique ability to effectively absorb impacts and return to its original shape means not only a big reduction in crash damage but also a long service life while eliminating the downtime and expense of replacing damaged metal bars.

Less damage to panels in high-speed high energy impacts such as animal strikes means the risk of engine immobilisation is minimal thus reducing the risk of being stranded in remote locations.