Roof Rack Accessories

Roof Top Bike Carriers
Rhino has a great range of roof top mounted bike carriers to accommodate bikes of all shapes and sizes. Available in upright and fork mounted styles the Rhino Roof top bike carrier range offers added security easy fitment and a space saving solution for carrying a bike.

Rear Mounted Bike Carriers
Rhino Rack has a great range of rear mounted bike carriers that are designed to fit vehicles with either a tow ball hitch or rear mounted spare tyre. Available in upright and fold down models a rear mounted bike carrier is a great way to save space while transporting your bikes safely and securely. With a number of safety accessories available such as the rear mounted number plate holders with break lights all safety security and legal requirements are easily met.

Rear Boat Loaders
The Rhino Rack Rear boat loaders are designed to take the hard back breaking work out of lifting boats onto 4WD's. Unique for its single person operation a Rhino Rack rear boat loader will give you years of boating pleasure.

Side Boat Loader
The revolutionary Rhino Rack side Boat loader is designed to take the hard back breaking work out of lifting your small boat on and off your vehicle's roof. The side boat loader is the perfect solution for carrying a tinnie whilst towing a caravan or trailer. With simple one man operation you can easily winch your tinny up & down from your vehicle with a battery powered cordless drill (Rhino recommends 18 volt drill). The side boat loader can be used on a range of vehicles including 4WD's Low roof camper vans and station wagons.

Take the hassle and pain out of loading your tinnie with the Rhino Rack Side Boat Loader.

Loads from passenger side of vehicle.
Uses a hand drill for effortless loading.
Can be fitted to cross bars 1250mm and up.
Best with boats up to 12 feet in length weighing under 80 kilos.
Great way to carry your boat and tow at the same time.
Fits a range of vehicles.
*Price does not include roof racks or fitting.

How does it work?

The basic principle is in dragging the boat up two ramps set at approx a 50 deg angle to the ground and over the top of the vehicle by means of a 40/1 worm drive gear which turns the winding roller. Ropes are attached to the far side of the boat and also 2 shorter gunnel ropes are attached to the near side. When lifting commences the boat is “flipped” over and then slides up in the inverted position.

The unloading is in real terms opposite to the loading procedure. The worm gear is put into reverse mode and a short amount of slack is generated in the winding lines. With the boat resting on very slippery main support bar one hand is used to gently push the boat approx 100mm until the gunnel goes over the curve of the upper ramp. From then on gravity takes over. Depending on the angle of the ramps the boat may need some assistance in its final reverse flip back down to the ground if it does not have the sufficient weight in the keel in relation to the boat angle. Continue unwinding the lifting lines and develop another say 400mm of slack. Then by hand gently push the boat “over centre”. After this the boat will continue lowering by itself to its final resting position right way up on the ground. Detach the 4 x snap shackles and your in business.

The key requirement in loading and unloading is that the vehicle must be on level ground as the ramp structure and main support cross bars are extremely slippery. Should this not be the situation the boat will slew around somewhat and vehicle damage may result. A second person can always be used in adverse conditions to stabilise and stop any forward or rear excessive slippage

Kayak & Canoe Carrier

(Requires Separate fitting kit)

If you need to transport a kayak or canoe on a low roof vehicle like a sedan the Explorer 560 side loader is the perfect solution. The cradles adjust to the shape of your kayak or canoe automatically with its "self centering" pivoting feature. The hull is fully protected by soft rubber pads and can be secured with the use of specifically designed padded kayak straps that come free with the Explorer 560 Kayak & Canoe Carrier.

Features include:
Free specifically designed padded kayak straps.
Easy side load pivoting system requires minimal effort.
Soft rubber pads to protect your hull.
Can be attached and detached to your roof racks in seconds.

* Fitting Kit Sold Separately.

Ladder Racks
Since its inception Rhino Rack has made specialty ladder rack systems a major part of its range. With stringent union regulations and tough OH&S guidelines companies such as Telstra Optus and various electrical service companies and their contractors have requested specialty ladder rack systems that make the loading and unloading of ladders as simple and easy as possible.

Rhino Rack has developed this requirement to a stage now where this product is world class. These specialty ladder rack systems have been designed to fit a large range of tradesman and 4x4 vehicles including Vans wagons utilities and service body vehicles. They have undergone rigorous laboratory crash tests and have been put to the test in Australia's adverse and extreme outback road conditions.

Steel Mesh Baskets
If you're going on a trip or just getting away for the long weekend a Steel Mesh Basket is a great solution for saving valuable vehicle space while safely and securely transporting your excess gear. Available in a variety of different shapes and sizes the Rhino range of Steel Mesh Baskets offers something for everyone. There is a Rhino Steel Mesh Basket to suit your needs. Built tough from steel a Steel Mesh Basket is a durable alternative to help save space and allow you to transport that extra gear you would normally have to go without.

Built from quality steel all trays are zinc plated and powder coated so they will not rust or fade. Rhino Steel Mesh Baskets will fit a wide variety of roof racks using the correct fitting kit. So if you have a large amount of gear to transport and a distance to travel check out Rhino's Range of Steel Mesh Baskets.

Luggage Boxes
A roof top luggage box is a great solution for transporting your excess gear. Available in a variety of different shapes and sizes the Rhino range of luggage boxes offers something for everyone. If you're going on a trip be it camping or skiing there is a Rhino luggage box to suit your needs. Aerodynamically designed and built from tough durable materials a luggage box can save space and allow you to safely and securely transport that extra gear you would normally have to go without.

Rhino Luggage Boxes will fit a wide variety of roof racks on a wide range of vehicles. So if you have a large amount of gear to transport and a distance to travel check out the Rhino's Range of roof top luggage boxes.

Ski Carriers and Snowboard Carriers
Transport your skis and snowboards safely and securely with Rhino's easy to use fully lockable ski and snowboard carriers. The Rhino ski and snowboard carrier range have been built to suit a variety of skis and snowboards of all shapes and sizes. Designed in Australia the Rhino range of ski and snowboard carriers are built tough to handle any conditions.