Recovery Equipment

An assortment of high quality recovery equipment appropriately selected to suit your 4x4 and environment is essential when venturing off the beaten track.

Vehicle recovery is a major part of 4WDing. Without the right equipment it can become frustrating and even dangerous but if you’re properly prepared it becomes a challenging yet rewarding experience.

Don’t trust your vehicle to substandard recovery products that could jeopardise your and your vehicle’s safety. ARB’s vehicle recovery accessories are engineered and manufactured to the highest standards making them ideal for recreational use as well as competition.

Recovery Straps
When the only thing preventing your vehicle from imminent danger is a narrow strip of fabric nothing but the best will do. Our recovery straps are woven and fabricated to ARB specifications and tested by a NATA approved laboratory to ensure optimum performance. Snatch straps winch extension straps and tree trunk protectors are available from Bunbury Muffler and Tow Bar with each one individually designed to suit its purpose catering for all your recovery requirements.

Carrying these items whilst 4WDing will give you extra peace of mind – even if you can’t extract yourself from a tricky situation a fellow 4WDer will probably be able to help out if you have the right equipment.

Snatch Blocks
An ARB snatch block is an incredibly useful piece of recovery equipment that greatly increases the versatility of either a vehicle mounted or portable winch.

It enables you to retrieve loads that are double a winch’s capacity by reducing the load on the winch by half and facilitates winching from varying angles when straight ahead isn’t the best option.

ARB has two models of snatch block available the standard 7000kg and the lightweight but heavy duty 9000kg. ARB snatch blocks feature side plates that sit snug against the pulley eliminating the possibility of the winch cable becoming trapped in between. And the groove on the pulley itself tapers down to the centre allowing for a variety of cable sizes to be used and ensuring the cable is seated securely minimising lateral movement.

Recovery Damper
While winch cables and straps sold by ARB are exceptionally strong it is essential that safety precautions are observed to avoid injury in the event of a failure.

One such precaution is the fitting of a recovery damper prior to a load being applied. In the unlikely event of a wire rope or strap failure the recovery damper will absorb most of the energy in the cable or strap thereby significantly reducing the recoil.

Manufactured from heavy duty vinyl.
Silver reflective tape for visibility at night.
Long internal Velcro strips to reduce slipping.
Handy storage pockets for carrying heavy items to and from the anchor point.
Minimum weight of 1100g suitable for competition purposes.

Recovery Kits and Bags

ARB has a selection of recovery kits and bags to ensure that your equipment is easy to store and accessible when you need it.

Recovery Kits
ARB's recovery kits incorporate all necessary vehicle recovery gear into a handy storage bag and we also make up custom kits to suit specific requirements.

Snatch Pack
The Snatch Pack is a multi purpose bag that will suit a variety of equipment from recovery gear to camping supplies.

Winch Pack
ARB's Winch Pack is designed to fit a complete recovery kit including snatch strap tree trunk protector winch extension strap snatch block recovery damper bow shackles and gloves.

Hi-Lift Jacks

The Hi-Lift jack has become a staple recovery item amongst four wheelers all over the world.

Capacity of 1050kg.
Highly versatile jack – can be used to lift winch clamp pull and push.
Thoroughly tested for strength and functionality.
Made from high quality tensile strength grades of malleable castings.
The only all casting jack manufactured today.
Four models available from Bunbury Muffler and Tow Bar.

X-Jack Exhaust Jack
Particularly well suited for use in sand mud and snow the exhaust operated X-Jack is an invaluable recovery tool.

Lifting capacity of 4000kg
Provides up to 75cm of vehicle lift.
Inflated via a hose that connects to a vehicle’s exhaust or alternatively a portable air compressor can be used.
Offers a wider footprint to prevent sinking.
pecially designed triangular feet help keep the unit grounded.
Triple layer top and hard core insert for added protection and stability.
Collapses flat for easy storage.

Hand Winches

When heavy duty recovery work is required a mechanical hand winch is a cost effective alternative to a vehicle mounted winch.

Magnum Hand Winch
Providing outstanding performance and reliability the compact and lightweight Magnum hand winch is extremely durable built using high quality steel and aluminium components.

Tirfor Hand Winch
ARB also distributes the Tirfor hand winch. Two models are available but the T516 with a pulling power of 2500kg is best suited to 4WD applications.