Safari Dtronic Performance Computer

Like nothing before Safari Dtronic generates outstanding performance on road and off for the new generation of electronically controlled diesel engines! The Safari Dtronic plug-in power-up computer dramatically improves low rpm torque and adds impressive power across the entire rpm range.

Typical Safari Dtronic computer calibrations increase the torque by 20-30% depending on vehicle type.

Typical Safari Dtronic computer calibrations increase the power by 15-20% depending on vehicle type.

As a true plug-in device that operates in conjunction with the factory Engine Control Unit the Safari Dtronic computer can simply be removed at any time returning the vehicle to standard power output. Dtronic is a simple 15 minute plug in - unplug.

The Safari Dtronic is the only aftermarket electronic diesel computer with total fuel and fuel timing control. Not only is this essential to obtain the best possible fuel economy it is also necessary to control peak exhaust gas temperatures for optimum durability. Beware of cheap imitations which only alter fuel volume without fuel timing simultaneously.

Safari Dtronic has been tested and calibrated in Australian conditions on Australian diesel fuel. (Beware of products that are calibrated for Europe's much cooler operating conditions). Safari Dtronic is also calibrated for the maximum legal towing mass of a given vehicle. (Beware of products calibrated for European operation where heavy towing is unusual).

And for the ultimate in component reliability Safari Dtronic is manufactured using state of the art circuit board design and production techniques. Once the electronics are mounted inside the rugged Dtronic extruded alloy case the complete assembly is then resin injected. This provides the ultimate in protection against the harsh vibrations experienced under arduous 4WD conditions.

The Safari Dtronic computer provides significant benefits in both on and off-road operation:

Improved acceleration for safer overtaking.
Maintain comfortable cruising speeds when towing in undulating conditions.
Improved 4x4 performance in both desert and high country terrain.
Improved throttle response for finer vehicle control in technical 4WD conditions.
Improved acceleration after installation of increased diameter tyres.
Improved towing performance.

NOTE: Vehicles fitted with mechanical injection pumps are not suitable for Dtronic fitment.