Dual Battery Systems

An ARB dual battery system will allow you to power additional accessories without the risk of flattening the main battery.

Independent power source for items such as fridges and camp lights.
Increases power when winching.
Peace of mind in the event of a main battery failure.
Battery trays manufactured from 2mm powder coated steel.
Trays available on their own or as part of a complete kit.
Kits are supplied with tray and mounting hardware factory terminated wiring and either solenoid or smart solenoid.

Smart Solenoid
The smart solenoid is the most popular and versatile option manufactured by Sure Power Industries the world’s most respected supplier of auxiliary battery control devices. It ensures that the vehicle’s main battery is fully charged before allowing the second battery to receive charge. Conversely the control unit disconnects the auxiliary battery when the starting battery voltage drops too low. This process is continuous and automatic and is especially beneficial to vehicles with modern electric systems as it offers voltage spike protection.