4WD Suspension

Suspension especially when referring to 4WDs is extremely complex. Determining the right solution for each 4WD requires special attention to many factors with weight being the most critical.

The Concept:
When an emu (flightless Australian bird) runs its powerful legs absorb most of the impact allowing it to move over all types of terrain while its body remains virtually motionless. This is what Old Man Emu strives to achieve with its range of fully integrated 4x4 shocks and suspension systems.

The Difference:

Instead of offering a compilation of parts that have been chosen primarily to increase the vehicle's ride height OME provides a range of tuned and matched integrated systems each offering varying degrees of comfort load carrying capability and control characteristics.

The Outcome:
Prototype shock absorbers and springs are tested and modified in a variety of terrains and with varying loads to ensure that each shock and spring combination is ideally suited to a vehicle its varying weights and the terrain it is to encounter.

Emu Dakar Leaf Springs

Emu Dakar leaf springs are engineered to provide optimum ride performance irrespective of the operating conditions the suspension is required to work under.

Numerous spring options are available to suit a multitude of applications allowing you to set your vehicle up for recreational or commercial purposes. Feature packed a set of Emu Dakar leaf springs matched to a set of Old Man Emu shocks will deliver vastly improved ride handling and load carrying capability.

Draw tapered and diamond cut leaves: Ensure the load is progressively distributed over a larger surface area reducing the high stresses that develop at leaf ends. This provides increased ride quality and protection against leaf breakage significantly increasing the spring life.

Bolt clamps and liners: The leaf clamps are bolted to allow installation of anti squeak nylon liners.

Fully scragged and load tested: Scragging ensures the spring takes a permanent ‘set’ which reduces the risk of sagging. Load testing ensures the spring meets the required specification.

Graphite coating: To further reduce the friction between the spring leaves and friction pads.

Military wrap: Designed to provide added safety.

Anti friction pads: Regreasable nylon interleaf liners reduce friction at the leaf tips where the load is the greatest.

Flat axle seat area: Allows a positive safe axle mount reducing spring stress and increasing spring life.

Shot peening: The tension side of all leaves is shot peened to reduce spring stress. This process can double the life of a spring.

Two-stage leaf pack: Featured on most rear springs for optimum comfort. When unladen the vehicle is largely riding on the primary stage with the secondary stage providing additional support when a heavy load is added.

PLEASE NOTE: Most Emu Dakar leaf springs have all the listed features but where design or a physical limitation exists one or more of these features may not be incorporated. Please check with your OME licensed fitter for further information.

Coil Springs

When undertaking remote area travel the need to carry sufficient fuel water vehicle spares and safety equipment invariably means that your 4WD will be fully loaded placing a lot of strain on suspension components.

Old Man Emu designs a range of coil springs for each vehicle enabling the installer to match the most appropriate springs to the intended application. While ride height increases are attained emphasis is placed on ride control improvements. Further fine tuning is achieved when the springs are matched to a corresponding set of Old Man Emu shock absorbers delivering a fully integrated system designed specifically to suit your vehicle.

Springs are formed on precision mandrels.

Scragging before and after shot peening to prevent sagging.

Constant and variable rate coils available for multiple applications.

Coil spring end configurations designed to exact specifications guaranteeing perfect fitment to your vehicle.

Durable powder coat finish.

Torsion Bars

Old Man Emu torsion bars dramatically improve your vehicle's ride and handling both on road and off.

They are designed and set for optimum ride performance while maintaining maximum wheel travel crucial to off road action. Our torsion bars work best when OME coil or leaf springs are fitted to the rear of your vehicle with bars and springs then carefully matched to our premium range of Nitrocharger shock absorbers. Together they'll transform your vehicle's suspension performance.

Manufactured from premium grade spring steel with a resilient powder coat to protect against corrosion

Precision drawn dropped forged ends for optimal strength and integrity.

Pressure rolled splines for precise fitment and increased spline durability.

Hardened and tempered to exact specifications for improved performance.

Preset and hardened to prevent sagging and increase life cycle.

Nitrocharger Shock Absorbers

Nitrocharger shock absorbers were specifically designed with Australia’s unique driving conditions in mind. Vehicles are often heavily loaded fitted with accessories and driven on harsh Outback roads for prolonged periods.

The experience in setting the most appropriate valving is what really differentiates the Nitrocharger from its competitors. OME engineers have extensive knowledge in this field as they specialise in nothing else but 4WD suspension systems.

In many cases several shock absorber applications will be listed for one vehicle to ensure the proper match regardless of spring selection accessory fitment or load carrying requirements.

While OME Nitrochargers will improve overall performance when fitted with standard springs more substantial benefits can be achieved when fitted in conjunction with OME springs.

Steering Stabilisers

Designed to reduce the effect of wheel vibration and improve the feel handling and control of the vehicle OME’s steering stabilisers will also reduce the aggressive rotation of the steering wheel over rough roads without affecting steering wheel return.

9 stage coil spring valving: for optimum performance.

15mm piston rod: stronger than the original.

Steel stone guard: protects the piston rod against stone damage.

35mm piston and bore: increased oil volume.

Twin tube design: protects the internal components against stone damage.

Multi lip seal: prevents oil loss.

Original mounts: for ease of installation original stabiliser mounts are used where appropriate.

Greasable Shackles

Leaf spring bushes require periodic lubrication to ensure longevity. OME greasable shackles and pins facilitate this task without the need to remove the shackles thereby greatly reducing the time and effort involved.

Unique easy bolt together assembly – this eliminates out of angle ‘shackle pin to side plate’ problems commonly associated with press fit assemblies.

Each pin has two grease outlet holes to guarantee maximum grease coverage between the shackle pin and the spring bush – increasing bush life and improving ride quality.

Heat treated pins ensure long pin life under heavy loads and off road conditions.

Side plates are zinc plated for protection against corrosion.